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A non-linear system, taxonomy and timeline of my journey. Whether or not memory were being reconstructed/ altered/ amended, “2” imprinted and projected everyday encounters, from happenings, senses changes of lighting, scent and sound to invisible frequency in geometrical abstraction. 2 does not remain the same as its on its own versus together with the others.

glass painting series | clove oil, glass pigment, nib pen, 4mm float glass | 5 x 5 cm | cr. design and made by doryeek

Feb - Jul 2023

5 x 5 cm squares

Doing nothing and lying in bed are necessities to keep things function. So do a little piece staying somewhere, let lights pass through and bring in some invisible magic. Part of project "2" throughout the year after I moved from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.

With the intention to introduce light and reflection, "2" can be nothing but also anything out of your imagination and even part of your art/ stained glass/ interior decor projects; e.g. utensils stand, wall mount decor., series of mini artistic touch on top of the fireplace, personal plate under doorbell, etc.

Scroll down to purchase. Please send me an email at dorot5116@gmail.com to specify which exact piece(s) you'd love to have.


selected angles