The continuum of 9 and consists of 19.1 individual flower of life circles and 19.2 stained glass decorative panel with stained 19.1 circle, stained croissant squares from 2 and enamel pieces from 75.

glass cutting, grinding, grozing, acid etching, braiding, sand blasting, fire polishing, glass painting, silver stained,  enamel screen printing, templating, leading, soldering, cementing, polishing

cr. design and made by doryeek with help and advice Collin Telford, Stacey Poultney, Owen Luetchford, Zoe Boulton 

24.01.2024 - 27.03.2024


drawing flower of life with bitcherman glue on flat hand cut glass circles (around 0.5 hour each) and followed by acid etching, fire polish finished and/or additional silver stained finish

stained and clear version of imperfect circles at around dia. 4.5cm each

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contemporary stained glass panel made with traditional methods from templating, leading, soldering, cementing to polishing

dimension: approx. 21.7 x 34 x 1 cm

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