Stained Glass


Two out of five pieces in MA Contemporary Dialogues exhibition 15.12.2023 - 10.01.2024

cr designed and made by doryeek with Owen Leutchford & Stacey Poultney

glass: glass cutting, painting, acid etching, braiding, sandblasting, leading, soldering, cementing, polishing

wooden frame: domino joints, sanding, dark oak stained red wood, beading

metal parts: M6 high tensile steel rods & clamps on rails, hand made steel plates (by Stacey Poultney)

May - Dec 2023


induction of stained glass construction by Owen Leutchford & Stacey Poultney

designed and made by doryeek

glass cutting, painting, leading, soldering, cementing and polishing

March - April 2023

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